Christmas Décor: Handmade ornaments

I shared how I made my burlap wreath and some of the decorating at my parents house.  For the last how-to, here are two ornaments I made for our Christmas tree which had a very natural, brown theme this year (the leaning star was fixed later!):

christmas tree

The first are these twine balls.

burlap wire ornament

Super simple to make. Just used a glue gun to create a line of hot glue starting at the top of the ornament and then I circled around with some natural twine and stuck it on.  I worked in 2 inch sections so that the glue wouldn’t dry before I got the twine on it.

These were quick – just a minute or two to do each one once I got the hang of it. I did a little extra glue at the start and end where the frayed bits were just to make sure it stayed on well.

The second are these curl ornaments:

curl ornament

They were definitely more time consuming because I had to cut the strips and curl them by hand.

1/ I used scrapbook paper from Michaels and cut them into 1/2″ strips that were about 5 inches to 8 inches long. I wanted the size of the curls to vary so I did a variety of lengths. Note: Each piece of scrapbook paper made 2 ornaments worth of curls.
2/ Then I took a toothpick and wrapped it around it. The toothpick made it easier because once it got going, I could just wind the toothpick.  This definitely took some time. About 30 minutes per ornament worth of curling. (So I only made 3 of these ornament.)
3/ This is what the curl looks like when it is finished.
4/ Then I just pulled off the metal topper of a clear glass ornament, stuffed them all inside and closed it again. (this was Landon’s favorite part because he was my super stuffer!)

Curl Paper Ornaments

I loved how these added to my natural/brown theme for this year’s decorations.





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