You can never see Santa too much!

These boys have been Santa-spoiled this year –  4 visits for Landon and 3 for Brooks!!  I guess you’re only young and believe in the magic of the big guy for a short while, so why not live it up!!

This one with 4 of the cousins at our neighborhood kids holiday party:



And Landon meeting Santa when he went on a class field trip:


At a local boutique style shop. This Santa looked the most “realistic” to me. He even arrived with a firetruck escort!! I guess Donner and Blitzen had the afternoon off:


And I’ve already shown this pic from the auto show:

mascot santa

I guess rainboots and vests are the most appropriate Santa attire for our family. 🙂 You’ll notice Brooks is wearing a vest EVERY visit and then Landon has his rainboots at one visit and Brooks at another.  Too funny!

When we were seeing Santa at the boutique shop. All the kids were dressed up – glittery dresses and shoes, sweater vests and bow ties…. and then my kids – in their best sweatpants!

Wishing the Merriest Christmas wishes to you and your families over the holiday season.


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