Dear Husband

Dear Husband,

I know I don’t write you many long notes or cards. Yes, you get them on your birthday and our anniversary, but through the rest of the year, you deserve them, too. More than the quick affirmation I tuck into your wallet or leave on your sink.  More than the short thanks I muddle as you drift off to sleep. You deserve regular reminders of the huge role you play in my life and as head of our family.

As I look back on the highs and lows of the last year, I am so thankful for you.  For your steadiness and calm in my chaos.  Long ago, I doubted that a relationship between our two personalities could work. I didn’t see the fit – but God had bigger and better plans.  He knew I needed someone who could speak calmness into me when my mind spins rapidfire. He knew I’d need someone who could just hold and hug me when I hit a lull in life. He knew I’d need a husband who could handle my pace and quirks. He knew I needed the guy who is soft yet tough, compassionate yet driven.

I’m always amazed at all you can do.  Not that you naturally know everything, but that you are a hardworking, self-taught man (thank you YouTube)!  Whether it’s furthering your career, fixing our cars/house/toys, setting up technology – you are always growing and developing. This is so great for our boys to see, that hard work is worth it!

Thank you for bringing so much fun to our house. For being the lion to our boys. For packing endless lunches and more trips to school than I can count. Thank you for remembering the little things and supporting me in the big things.  Thank you for being the nurturing, cuddly, loving one.  Sometimes I’m so focused on being efficient, I forget to live in the little moments that you live in.  Thanks for dreaming big dreams with me in our bed at night. And for setting a great example for Brooks and Landon.

I think 2015 could be our best year yet – with new work challenges, a brand new kindergartener, the start of sports and plans for some great vacations spent together.  I’m so blessed to have you as my partner-in-crime as we conquer everything.  I hope that in 50 years we are still having just as much fun, laughing as hard and loving even more than we do now. With you in your walker (because with your knees a walker is a given:) ) and me by your side (talking about what would make our meal better)!



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