Repost: A God Thing

This week I’m taking a blogging break. Instead of posting any new things, I went back into my archives and found a few of my favorite past posts.  Things I think are worth posting twice.

This post was written at the end of 2012.  Little did we know that we’d end up in the perfect house for us less than a year later.  And our new house has been Goldilocks-esque – “it’s just right!”.  All the worrying and stress through the many houses we lost and now to be in our perfect place. A fun and busy community with neighbors we love – many who are already great friends.  It’s reminders like these a few years later that push me in my faith and remind me that God has bigger plans than I do – ALL THE TIME.  I hope I continue trusting him into 2015 and beyond – in the big things and small things, through challenging times and more.  For me, this post is a kick in the pants reminder for times when my faith is minuscule and my mind is focused on what I can do instead of what God can do (and has done).  My best faith stories are times in my past where I’ve listened to God and seen Him show up.

As a Christian, sometimes when I ask God for something, I have a hard time discerning whether he is saying Yes, No or Not Now.  Am I doing what He wants or am I doing what I want and just telling myself it’s God’s plan?

In this post, I want to share something that recently happened that was a God Thing.  I’m adding a new category to my blog “God Things” so that hopefully, when I am facing a challenging time in the future, I can come back to look at some of these God Things and be reminded of God’s blessings and faithfulness in my life.

As I’ve mentioned on my blog, my husband and I have on-and-off looked for a new house over the past couple years.  We’ll look hard for a few months, put and offer in on something and then it won’t pan out.  Each time this happens, I trust that God has a different home for us – and we’re not yet where He wants us or it’s not quite time (even though I’m frustrated on the inside).

We recently had an offer in on another house – and were actually relatively close in our negotiating with the seller – we felt we had a good shot to put a best and final in and get the home.  That same week, we saw another house come on the market in our “dream neighborhood” – a neighborhood that we always talked about as our – “10-year-down-the-road” neighborhood and the house was in our price range – granted the top of our price range.  We went ahead and withdrew the offer on our “we almost got it” house and put an offer in on the house in our “dream neighborhood”.  Within 48 hours we heard that a different offer was accepted – an offer that was over 10% more of the asking price – so we weren’t barely rejected, we were SIGNIFICANTLY rejected.  When I heard that we lost the house by a much higher offer, I felt that God was telling us to stop.  “Stop looking right now.  Stop trying to find “the one”.  Wait on me.”

I didn’t know how long the wait would be, just that I felt God was asking us to take a time-out on the house hunt.  Dean and I talked and decided it was the right time to take a house-hunting breather.

Fast Forward to this Weekend:
Our church (Elevation) is doing a series called Banner Years where the focus is on where we’ve been and where God is taking us. That God has better things planned ahead if you make room for Him to move in your life.  During this weekends message, Pastor Furtick announced that in December they would be doing a large campaign towards the growth of our church.  A goal to raise $9million to continue the growth in Charlotte with new campuses. He asked us to start thinking now about investing in Elevation’s future.

And as he continued the sermon, he shared the story of a well-to-do, Godly woman who supported Elisha and God’s mission and never asked for anything in return.  However, a time came down the road that she needed God and because of her past faithfulness she was rewarded and God provided. While she didnt know it but 7 years earlier, her actions and faith resulted in God’s meeting her needs in the future.  It was about God’s perfect timing.

And as we sat in the message, all I could think about was the fact that God had perfect timing in our life.  Perfect timing for us to rescind our offer on the other house.  Perfect timing for us to put in the offer and be rejected – and not just barely rejected – significantly rejected. Perfect timing that we didn’t tap into most of our savings to put this down payment on the house.

If God didn’t have perfect timing… we’d have already committed.  We’d be under contract and by the time we heard the message we wouldn’t have the opportunity to really trust God by giving sacrificially from our down payment fund.  I felt God challenging us.  He wants us to put him first in this time in our life.  God wants us to wait on our “dream house” and give towards His house.

Future Ginger,
If you are reading this, chances are you are struggling with a big something right now.  You are searching for examples of God providing in your past.  Remember that God has opened doors for you and Dean at just the right time.  He’s provided abundantly when you were least expecting it.  He’s shown several times that He has an awesome plan for your life. He’s also shown you “no” when you needed to hear “no”.

“For know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to fail you…” Jer 29:11.

There will be peaks but with big peaks come big valleys.  Valleys are places you have to rely on God which helps you grow your faith.

Past Ginger



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