The thing I love most.

Happy New Year everyone! I’m hoping to hit the blog regularly this week.  I’ve taken time off so I’ll have to get back into the swing of things.  A couple Christmas recaps.  Goals for the year. A recipe or two are all in the works. Today I’m sharing the thing I love most about my two little crazies.


Is it odd that the traits I love about my kids are direct opposites?

The thing I love most about Landon is his easy-going, I-love-to-please personality. This must be a firstborn trait because I am the same way. I always wanted my parents to be proud of me growing up and wanted to meet and exceed their expectations. My Landon is such a level-headed and calm guy that it brings this level of peace to our house, he’s quick to correct his behavior when he’s reprimanded and just generally gets really hurt if he isn’t in good graces with everyone. (Of course, that’s not to say he won’t get riled up or tease his brother – he is almost 5!)

The thing I love most about Brooks is that he’s never afraid to try. I know as a child (and even as an adult), fear of failure often paralyzed me – and kept me from trying things before I’d even start. That’s not my Brooks… even if I say he can’t, he’s always out to prove me wrong. He never shies from trying something new (like driving the boat on the lake or trying the hardest/most challenging activity on the playground). He is so confident in who he is and so strong in who he is as a person. He thinks he can do anything! (Even if that anything may cause severely bleeding or other adverse medical consequences!) I wish I was half as brave as he is.

What is one of the traits you love most about your kiddos?



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