5 Christmases

My kids got spoiled this year. Spoiled by their grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins.  So spoiled, in fact, that they were somewhat unimpressed with Santa’s showing.

It was a one week spur of fun, presents and holiday cheer.

Starting with our visit to Maryland.

Christmas 1:  Grandpop and Debbie spoiled the boys with tons of toys, clothes and more.


Chistmas 2: Then we spent a morning opening gifts galore from Grammy. Trucks, trains, and all kinds of fun!



Christmas 3: Later that afternoon, we were off to visit Uncle Ryan, Aunt Jeanelle, Brody and Alexis.  Those presents were also a hit. Plus Brody had tons of other new toys for the boys to try! (matching jammies courtesy Grammy!)

x3a x3


Christmas 4: After loading a completely-filled car of toys back home, we celebrated with more great gifts from Gigi, Papa and our cousins.  I can’t tell you how many new sets of wheels were acquired, but it was A LOT!



Christmas 5: And then we settled in for our Dean family Christmas morning at home. With rocky road pancakes, the reading of the Christmas story in the bible and a few presents under the tree. Yes our family Christmas was the smallest of them all, but gifts aren’t what it’s about anyways. It was our family time by the tree, lounging around together all day, testing the outdoor toys and being so thankful for Jesus and what the season really means.


Yes, 2014 was a GREAT Christmas! Every single one of them!



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