Our Goals for the Year

I’m one of those ‘never content’ people. I always think I can do something better/ work harder/ be more consistent.  Maybe it’s the pessimistic nature in me, but I always think there is room for improvement.

So, of course, I always have personal goals I’m working towards during the year so that I can make progress in my life.  Dean and I got together this week and outlined some family goals along with my personal goals for 2015:

Personal/Ginger goals
1. Exercise regularly.  I’ve been on a kick lately of hitting 4-5 days a week of exercise which generally consists of 2-3 runs per week and 2-3 sessions on the elliptical.  I’d like to keep up the consistency, but also include some other workouts on a regular basis. This might be Insanity or P90X videos but something to mix it up a little bit for myself.

2. Regular quiet time.  I don’t want to say every single day because I know that isn’t a realistic goal for me.  Lately, I’ve been in spurts and probably get in the bible 2-3 times a week. When I’m actively in a bible study reading a book, that number is higher.  I’d like to do better than that this year.  I’m planning to start my women’s group again in Feb, so hopefully that will help get my counts up each week.

3. Look into a spiritual mentor.  This is something that I think God nudged me to do last year and I think it’s something he wants me to continue to pursue.  I haven’t done anything on it and am not 100% sure what it would look like, but I think I’d like to find a spiritual mentor. A woman who ideally is a working mom and who is ahead of me in her Walk who can help guide me to grow in my faith and in my role as a working mom and wife.

4. Stop overstretching myself.  During our fall study, we read The Best Yes and since then, I feel I’ve done a mostly good job of saying no or putting less on my plate so that I can focus on things that are most important to me.  I’d like to dig into that a little more this year and really be mindful of where I spend my time.

5. Read some books. It can be chick lit, biographies, suspense, whatever. I used to love reading and I still do, but it’s just hard to find time to get a book in my hand when there are kids to love on, a house to keep clean, a husband to hang out with, etc. etc.

Goals for our family
1. More date nights.  Dean and I haven’t gone on a date night in such a long time. I think part of it is because I feel guilty spending time away from the kids when we get such a limited amount of time with them during the week. Plus we’ve just been busy lately – busy with our house, the kids, the holidays, etc.  But I know this is really important and something we didn’t do a great job of in 2014.

2. Find a team sport for Landon to try out. Yep, he’s turning 5 this year and that means that he’s old enough (for our family) to try an outside activity.  Dean and I picked a random age – 5 – for our kids to hit before we’d sign them up for sports, etc. We didn’t want to spend all our time running kids around, and still don’t. So I think this will help us to be mindful of our time but also allow Landon to try something new that we think he’ll really enjoy.

3. Vacation together – just the 4 of us.  This was a goal last year that we never hit.  It can be a short weekend trip to the beach or mountains, but I’d love to make sure we do this and make an effort to do this more often.  We travel other places but often other family or friends are involved so I want to make sure we do Dean Family time, as well.

4. Couples getaway for Dean and I.  Our 5 year anniversary trip got bumped again last year when we decided to allocate money elsewhere and we really need to buckle down this year and just pay for a trip so that we are locked into it!  I know it is important for us to get away – just the two of us – and have vacation time where we can’t do errands and work on home projects but just enjoy downtime.  We’re still thinking the Dominican Republic.

5. Landon-turns-5 trip. Another benefit of turning 5 is going to be taking Landon on a one-on-two vacation. Just he, Dean and I to someplace fun and awesome to celebrate his milestone birthday and his REAL school education starting in the fall.  It might be the beach, a cool city, not sure. I doubt it will be Disney because that is something I’d like to do as a family.

6. Be generous with our time and our money.  God has prompted us in different ways over the past year to serve others financially and sacrificially.  As we’ve followed through, he’s put more opportunities in our path and I really want to do even more in 2015. Especially as our kids are a little older and understand more about why we serve and how we can help others.

7. Dean and I have also talked about some of our financial goals for the year. I’m not going to share specific dollar figures but I’ll say that we have outlined how much we want to put into retirement, savings, tithing and house projects this year.  The numbers will be a stretch for us but I know we’ll work really hard to try to hit them.

8. Keep up our one-on-one dates with the kids. Dean and I did these several times last year and the kids loved it.  They were all over the place – fro yo dates, shopping excursions, coffee/donuts, NASCAR event, playground trips, etc.  I love the undivided time with one child and I think they love it too.  And during, daddy and I always text each other pics so each kid can see what their brother is up to.

If you also include the house goals/projects I posted earlier this week, we have lots of goals and things to work on in 2015.


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