My little performers

I never posted pictures of my two little superstars performance in their school’s Christmas program and I wouldn’t want you to miss out on a peek of Future ‘American Idol season 87’ contestants.

Yes, these are my flesh and blood:

Typical Brooks. Everyone is singing, he’s singing, dancing and making faces!


And putting out a vibe.  This is the X-rated Christmas program – check out that skin!!

Of course, Landon my little Innkeeper cutie with a ‘leading role’. No, he didn’t have an actual speaking line (there are no speaking lines for 4 year olds!)…


…but he did have a very important “oh-no-you-don’t” hand motion to perform towards Mary and Joseph.
And the first of many singing numbers.  He’s a Junior American Idol, I tell you!

Five of the cousins performed. And yes, this is typically how 97% of my cousins pictures turn out. Crazy faces, turned heads – the usual.


Here we are with our star performers:


No, Brooks won’t stop showing skin! (or making great faces)


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