Panther Fan

We’re always trying new things and adding activities to our family repertoire as our kids get older. They aren’t at opera watching (or even amusement park) stage yet, they still need some patience (and height) for those activities. But our kids are very different from each other and knowing their different personalities, we look forward to introducing them to new things over time that we think they’ll each enjoy.

Landon recently added another first to his list:  FIRST PANTHER GAME

Dean was very generously offered a couple tickets from work and we both thought it would be great for him to take Landon to a game.


They went to the Cardinals v Panthers game – first round of the playoffs – and the seats were great. Dean said Landon was a little hesitant the first quarter and somewhat overwhelmed.  He asked to go home after 5 minutes but once he got a little comfortable standing on his seat and the cheering fans all around, he was really into it and they had a great time.


We also explained to Landon that he likely won’t be getting seats this good again (18 rows back, near the 40-yard line – for a playoff game!), but he sure loved living like a king for the night!


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