It won’t always be this way.

My kids have it so good.

I never realized how much I missed out on until I experienced first-hand how awesome it is to have your cousins nearby all the time.


They are Twousins (Twin Cousins) and Triplet Cousins and a Singleton, so they are all the same ages. They get to hang out together all week at “school”.

These cousins will be in the same grades – and as of now – are even slated for some of the same schools.

Cousins who get to hang out with each other at every one of their birthday parties. And tons of holidays throughout the year.


These cousins have playdates together and go to church together.  They just have it so good!

I didn’t get this growing up. Our cousins always lived at least 4 hours away. We saw them once or twice a year.  And I loved when we saw them.  I loved the relationships built.


But many of my cousins lived near each other so they got to grow up knowing each others daily life. They were at each others sporting events and sometimes were in class together.  They had sleepovers every weekend and all got together at Gram’s house on spaghetti night.

Until I experienced firsthand the fun my kids get to have being around their cousins every day, I never realized how much I missed out in my childhood – and just how GREAT THEY HAVE IT.


I know that it won’t always be like this. Who knows if one of my siblings will move away from our “forced 5 mile radius” that we all live in.  Who knows what schools they’ll end up in down the road, or the activities they’ll get involved in that will keep them each busy.

All I know is that right now these cousins are little and together and it is awesome. I hope that they continue to love these relationships they’ve built with each other and I can’t wait to see them grow and develop over the years.






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