Bwoooksie is F-uh-ree

This little rockstar turns 3 today and I just love this cute thang to pieces!

(this picture completely captures Brooks’ wild and crazy personality!)

To celebrate Brooks turning three – I’m sharing a bunch of his TOP 3’s

Top 3 Favorite Foods

Top 3 Trucks
Garbage Truck

Top 3 Most Common Sayings
“Shush!!”  (he is forever quieting everyone else!)
“Don’t call me Brooks – it’s Brooksie Matthew!” (or Bwooksie Mafhew, as he pronounces it!)
“Landon’s (Wandon’s) not sharing!”

Top 3 Things to Do
Snuggle with mom and dad in our bed
Watch a movie
Play with his trucks and trains

Top 3 (+1) Awesome Brooks Faces (outside of the picture above)
“This slide is aweeeesome!”
“Yeah, I run the show here! Just call me Capt Brooks!”
“What, you’ve never seen smoldering brown eyes?  This is how I work the room!”
“Man, life is G-O-O-D!”

You are special, sweet, loved and absolutely precious. Because you are my baby (my last one), I hold tight to your littleness and every day I realize you are bigger, smarter and more advanced than just the day before. I hold tight to the few babyisms you have left because they are so sweet and I miss them more and more as you grow out of them.

You are becoming such an awesome young man.  You completely adore your brother and look up to him. I love how you get so excited to do things with him and want to be big – just like him.  Sitting in the big seat, cutting with scissors, attempting to write letters – becoming more independent with each passing day.  You are at such a great age and I’m soaking it in, knowing that one day you won’t want to snuggle/hold hands/blow kisses anymore.

You are such a great kid – so full of life. When you walk into a room, you command attention.  You run at full-speed all day.  And I love that when you are finally exhausted, I’m the one who still gets your cuddles, hugs and kisses.

I pray that for the next year you continue to ask about Jesus and practice praying to him. I hope that you find your groove in your brand new classroom. I’d love for you and daddy to play more sports together outside when the weather warms up. I hope you continue to develop your love for books and reading. I pray that you learn more patience and a little less stubbornness. 😉 I want us to take more Mommy/Brooksie dates. And I just cannot wait for your FIRST big birthday party with friends (that you know!).

Happy 3rd birthday my sweet boy!  I love, love, love you!
Love, Mom



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