Landon Says: Hair and Traffic

I love when I get to see the world through my kids eyes.  They often have this unfiltered, innocent view and I love that they are still so naïve about things.  Everything is easy to them.  And I love the way they see it.

We were on the way to school and Landon asked Brooks to share the book he was reading. Brooks replied, “in three minutes.” Since my kids have no sense of time, I just said, “Brooks once we get on the main highway (the outerloop of Charlotte), it will be three minutes and you need to share.”

A few minutes later, I was barreling down I-485 and Landon shouts from the backseat, “Mom, we’re on Traffic, it’s time to switch.”  Yes, he calls our outerloop highway Traffic because so often when he’s on it with his daddy to and from school, they are sitting in traffic.

It’s not the first time he’s called it that – sometimes when we come back in town from out of town, he’ll recognize the road and say, “Mom, we’re on Traffic which means we are almost home!” Funny thing is every time he’s called it Traffic with me in the car, there hasn’t been any traffic, I’m flying along at 65+ mph.


We were working on a Frozen puzzle this week and Landon mentioned he loved Elsa’s white hair.  I was trying to explain to Landon that that color hair is actually called blonde.  “Kinda like Brooks has blonde hair,” I reasoned.

“What about Ana, does she have red hair?” He asked, wondering if there was another name for redheads.

“Yep, it’s called red hair. Just like your cousin Brody – he has red hair too.” I explained.
Landon thought for a minute and replied.  “Mom, Ana and Brody are twins.”
brody Ana

Before I could even respond, he concluded, “That means Elsa and Grandpop are twins.”

elsa grandpop

Identical, I thought.


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