Yes, it was said.

Motherhood is funny isn’t it. As your kids start to “get” humor or hearing some of the things they say or things YOU say.

True statements in my house recently.

“Mom, I’m living here forever.”
“What about when you get married and move out.”
“No, we are living with you.” – Landon, on his future living arrangements. Not sure if his wife will go for it!

“Mom, what do I do with this sex?” – Brooks (turns out “sex” were actually “sticks”)

“Stop scraping your brother’s privates!” -Mom (yes, in the shower they were really using the glass scraper to “clean” each other)

“Please don’t help me when I’m trying to wipe you.  You’re too little for wiping yet.” – Mom to Brooks asking nicely for no ‘assistance’

Oh the conversations that take place in our home.


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