Family Day

Our weekends are “Family Days”.  The boys regularly wake up and ask, “Is today Family Day?” or “Is it two more days until Family Day?”

They know they have 5 days of school and then 2 days of family day.

While our Family Day’s can sometimes get boring – we do a lot of the same things each weekend – I try to throw at least one or two fun things in to mix it up.

Our usual activities consist of grocery shopping, Sat night church, naptime and any other errands.

But in-between all that we try to do fun things which might include:

1. Arts and Crafts – whether it’s getting out the paint or coloring with their Magic Markers, it’s fun to work on a masterpiece together.  They always think it’s MORE fun if mom or dad is sitting and participating in the art with them.

2. Cooking Show – we’ll sometimes play cooking show where I am the master chef and they are my special helpers who get to dump ingredients and mix the batter.  We like to make fun things like Banana Bread, Pumpkin Cookies, etc.  This past weekend we made Pie Pops and they were delicious!

3. Park Time – Whether it’s a bike ride/run to the nearby elementary school or just a jaunt to our neighborhood playground, it’s always fun to get on the slides and play together.  And sometimes, mom gets in on the fun, too! (What?! The slide is only for 70 lbs or less, ooops!)

4. Getting a Treat – Some weekend mornings, we’ll hit the donut shop or spend an afternoon getting froyo.  It’s not something we do often, so when we do, it’s a special treat and the kids love picking out their favorite flavors.

5. Watching a Movie – We try to keep the kids tv time limited.  They don’t need it and we like that it’s more of a special treat and not something they expect all the time, so when they get to pick out a movie, and watch it all the way through, it’s a special day.  Especially if we serve it with personal popcorn bowls! We’ve even hit the movie theatre in the past and will likely do that a little more as Brooks gets older and his attention span is longer.  Movies were big in my house growing up!

6. Finding a great Groupon – I’ve seen all kinds of great weekend activities via Groupon, LivingSocial and the other sites.  Trampoline parks, kid museums, bounce house facilities, etc.  I’ve bought a few and it’s always fun to spring a new activity on the kids.  (Of course, make sure you read the fine print, sometimes they only have certain hours or days they can be used!)

What things do you do to break up your weekend routine and enjoy your Family Days?



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