Pinterest Worthy: Prescription medicine

I love an idea that makes things easier on me or my family.  With my boys having “millions” of ear infections in their short lives, we’ve had more than our fair share of prescriptions.

One thing I started doing was taking a marker and marking out the doses that we need to give so that we can keep track of whether or not the medicine was given.

Things are often hectic in the mornings, so when I come downstairs, I can easily see if Dean’s already taken care of the dosage or if Brooks still needs it.


On this bottle we needed 10 days with 1 dose each day so I just put an initial for each day and we crossed off when we gave it to him.  If it was 7 days with 2 doses a day, I’d just write M1, M2, T1, T2, etc. for Monday and Tuesday.

Now that we’ve had Ear Tubes Round 2 for Mr. B (along with adenoids out) we are hoping that he is prescription free for a long time!

My brave boy.





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