How we celebrated a 3rd birthday

I just realized over the weekend that I never shared any details on Brooks’ special day last month.  My sister and I are planning a big birthday part for Brooks and Lawson (his cousin), similar to what we did for Landon and Harleigh on their third birthday.  (We’ll probably do it in April when it’s a little warmer because it’s just too cold outside right now for a party!)

Knowing that he has a party in the works, we still wanted to have a day of fun with the boys, but also keep it reasonable knowing there is more to come.

Here’s how we spent Jan 16:

1. After our signature birthday boy party door (streamers and balloons all over his bedroom door), Brooks brought in donut munchkins for his class.

2. We picked him up after his pizza lunch party at school (they have Pizza every Friday) and Dean and I took the afternoon off for a day with the kids.

3. After we picked them up, we all headed to Chuck E Cheese for games and fun for an hour.  Daddy was SUPER into the games and played several rounds of the basketball shot game.  Brooks loved trying the ball rolling game, but was OUT OF CONTROL. His balls flew all over and if you check the score in the picture below, he wasn’t too hot at it. Probably another year and he’ll have the strength and coordination for it 🙂

4. We hit up Sky Zone – a nearby trampoline park – and that was awesome! We let the kids bounce all around for 30 mins an they loved it!  I wish we were allowed to have outdoor trampolines in our neighborhood because I loved having one growing up and being in the trampoline park reminded me of the hours we spent outside making up routines and flip contests! (What, we’re the only ones who made “Trampoline Routines” as gifts for our parents on Mother’s and Father’s Day?)

5. Brooks got to pick dinner. When I asked what he wanted he said “veggie rice”. Veggie rice was fried rice I’d served the night before – so despite my prompting that he could pick anything – leftover fried rice was his choice for dinner.

6. Then we finished up with cake (hand-selected box cake mix and bring blue frosting by the birthday boy himself!) and a few presents.  The digger was definitely the hit of the day!

B Bday

All in all, such a great day spent with our boy.

And I loved taking a half day and starting our weekend early with some family time. I’d love to do that more often – maybe a few times a year coordinate with Dean and just have a down day with some fun activities planned for no reason at all!



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