My boys love each other.  Of course, there is some fighting and bickering in between the love.  But man, they just love being brothers.  The sweetest moments are when I stand in the doorway and secretly watch them play make believe together, or I catch a sweet encouragement for each other when they think I can’t hear.

My cute things were hanging together the other day and I asked, “Who is the best brother?”


Of course, they both think they’re up for top billing 🙂

Then Brooks pounces – “No, I’m the best brother.”

While Landon remains confident in his answer.


“Brooks, we can both be the best brother,” Landon explains.


And like that, all is right in their world again and Brooks resumes his role of looking up to his big bro wanting to be just like him.  And for now, I’m totally ok with that. 🙂



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