Things I am thankful for lately:

1. A handy husband who has the magic touch on our crazy appliances.  (Yay for not having to buy a new dishwasher!) And who isn’t afraid of a little laundry folding!

2. Valentines on the weekend.  We are not big “Valentine” celebrators.  But I am glad that this year we get to do something on the weekend with the kids. Some fun red and pink breakfast foods to start our day and of course some extra special fun are in order for Saturday! I love spending special days with my three guys.

3. Friends.  I’ve received some “out of the blue” encouragements from friends lately and it’s been really nice to just hear some affirmations for me and my family.

4. God surprises.  (At least that’s what I call them.) When things just “line up perfectly” and you recognize that God organized it all to happen ‘just so’ – especially great for my Type A- personality that loves when things just fall into place.  I love how He does that.

5. A warm bed and a car in the garage.  We are expected to get cold weather for the next week in the Carolinas and I am so grateful that our family has a great place to lay our head at night.  And I know this sounds like a #firstworldproblem, but it is just awesome to head out on these cold mornings and get into my nice garage-warm 55° car.

6. Our health. When my news feed is filled with stories of medical challenges and other tough news, I am so thankful that our family is healthy.  That my boys are strong and can run and play outside. That my husband is in good health.  That I don’t wake up with aches and pains each day.  Such an easy thing to overlook but, boy, a biggie!



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