Why I call my husband by his last name

People often get confused when we go places and my husband introduces himself as “Jason” but I constantly talk about “going out on dates with Dean”.

You can see it rolling around in the back of their minds… are they in some kind of weird open relationship? She’s married to Jason, but who is this Dean guy she keeps talking about… especially in front of her husband!

I started calling my husband Dean many years ago.  I met him as “Dean”.

I was a junior in college.  One of my best friends was dating one of his best friends. So when they’d hang out with their friends, we’d all be in the same circle.  He was out of school by then, but still living in our college town. And everyone in town called him Dean.  He played baseball in college and as one of three Jason’s on the team, they all went by their last names.

So to me, he was Dean.

Fast forward many years and we got engaged.  When we did, he said, “You’re going to stop calling me Dean now, right?  I mean, won’t it be weird for you to call your husband by his last name – your same last name?!”

Yeah, that wasn’t going to happen.

So I still call him Dean – all our friends call him Dean. My family calls him Dean.

His family and co-workers call him Jason.

And that’s the story of why I call my husband by his last name.


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