Dear Landon

Dear Landon,

You are amazing.  Your dad and I say it every day.  You are a parents dream.  Easygoing, fun-loving, up for anything, a hardworker, helpful and more.

I love watching the brother you’re becoming.  I know it isn’t always easiest to be the oldest.  There are a lot of expectations in your position. You have to pave the way and set a good example.  You are often going to be the first to face new milestones and show your brother how it’s done.  I love the way you are so protective of your brother. And the way you build him up and praise him so often.  I am so proud of your heart and the way you care about Brooks being successful when he tries new things.

Bubba, you are also our guinea pig – and you handle it well.  We try new parenting techniques on you (all the time), trying to figure out what works and how we can instill good values while giving you the freedom and independence to forge your own path.  It’s a line we’re constantly muddying as we don’t know what we’re doing! As a result, we make a ton of mistakes and I know I’ll be apologizing for them even into your teenage years.

You are quick to apologize, even quicker to forgive and always up for a snuggle or hug.  I pray that those are traits you carry with you into old age.  An “I’m sorry”, “I forgive you” or “I love you” are small sentences that pack a big punch.

I am so proud of the boy you are and the man you’ll be.

I love you times a million bajillion-





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