The Prayer Police

If you have multiple kids, you are no stranger to the fights that come with getting “the first turn”.

“Mom, is it my turn to do the key at school today?”
“I am going to go first to say the prayer.”
“Landon, it’s my turn to go on my scooter!”

You know the drill.

Well at dinner time we often let the boys say a prayer and most nights they both want to pray and they ALWAYS want to go first.  Sometimes, Landon will be saying his prayer and Brooks is so mad that he didn’t get to go first, that he’ll start praying over him. Nice, I know.

One night this week, Brooks had the opportunity to do the first prayer.  And he did a great job.  Then Landon went.  And his was also great – and kinda long.

Not one to be shown up by big brother, Brooks wanted to do ANOTHER prayer.  So he commanded us to put our forks down – “GUYS, STOP EATING, I’M DOING ANOTHER PRAYER. MOM PUT THAT DOWN!” Dean and I just looked at each other, shrugged and went with it.

Brooks starts again, “Dear God, thank you for loving us and giving us a house and food and…” then he yells, “DAD, CLOSE YOUR EYES, I’M STILL PRAYING!”

Yes, we have a mini Prayer Police on our hands.  Here’s to hoping dinner doesn’t get cold tonight while they each take their prayer turns!


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