I’m the mom of a 5-year-old.

I’m the mom of a 5-year-old.

That sentence is crazy to me – a five year old. Where has the time gone? How do I already have a child who will be starting kindergarten in a matter of months?  How am I nearly a third of the way into my parenting duties?

It’s seemed long. It’s seemed short.  It’s been easy.  It’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  It’s made me laugh. It’s brought tears.

Yes, this little guy made me a mom and I know that he and his brother will be my greatest accomplishment… and my greatest failure.  I already hear myself in my head – “what if I’d…”  “why didn’t I…” when it comes to my parenting choices. I am so proud of how my boys are doing and the men they are becoming – despite the fact their mother is a little crazy. And I know that I’ll second guess myself – thinking of the ways that I could have done my part better.

But that’s the beauty of this whole thing, of being a parent.  It’s the ability to trust that God is doing even more in them than I’ll ever be able to. It’s a matter of shrugging off the voices that say, “Ginger, you’re not doing enough.” and knowing that they are really already doing great.  It’s knowing that it’s ok if it’s messy and hard because the most beautiful things come when you work the hardest.  And this role as a mom is just that.

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Until you have your own baby one day, it will be hard for you to understand how much I love you.  I am head over heels for you.  You are so loving, fun, hardworking, responsible, silly, smart and thoughtful.

You do and say things that make my heart flutter each day.  An “I love you mom” out-of-the-blue.  The way you still nestle your hand right in mind when we are out running errands.  The stories that you tell during tuck in time. Times you help your brother so he can also feel the high of success.  The sweet, innocence of your dinnertime prayers.

Five years has flown by too quickly but I cannot wait to see what the next years hold for you. I am so proud to be your mom and I am so thankful that “God put you in the right family”.

Happy birthday big boy!  I love you times a million bajillion.



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