Technology Freedom

My phone officially died this weekend.  I’ve been phone-free since Sunday morning.  Maybe not a huge feat for some people, but as someone who keeps work and personal email on my phone, it’s been a change. Mostly liberating.  A little stressful – am I missing anything important? what is on the calendar for tomorrow?

I’ve become so phone-dependent.  To check email, text, take pictures, Facebook, play solitaire, keep my calendar.

No, I don’t have tons of apps on my phone, but there are a select few that I use regularly.

I didn’t get to take a ton of pictures on Landon’s birthday with my phone.  I have stayed out of the FB loop.  Any texts and calls for Landon’s birthday were missed.  I used to always check my phone first thing to see if anything important came through overnight for work.  (Candidly, if I was close to closing for a work deal, I’d be more stressed that I didn’t have a phone.) But this week, I’m ok.

Things will get done when I get to work. I don’t have any texts to distract me during my evening hours with the kids.  It’s like the good old days of 10 years ago when I couldn’t always be reached!

It feels good to be tech free. I know it’s not a permanent thing, but it’s been eye opening to see how I can set more boundaries in how I use my phone.

How long do you think you could go without your phone?  (Personally, I’m hoping until at least this weekend!)


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