He’s gonna party like it’s his birthday.

Here’s how we celebrated a little someone special’s 5th birthday on Sunday.

Step 1:
Daddy makes delicious homemade blueberry waffles.

Step 2:
Some of the cousins stopped by for a visit and to bring presents.  An impromptu cake eating was called for at 11am so we busted it out early!

Step 3:
Head to Discovery Place Kids for a fun afternoon with Mom, Dad and Brooks.

Step 4:
Pick a favorite movie and skip naptime!  (Madagascar 2 was the selection.)

Step 5:
Dinner out at someones favorite restaurant – Red Robin – to be serenaded by the wait staff and to be served a humongous ice cream sundae!

Step 6:
Open presents.

Step 7:
Gigi comes over which means another present.

Step 8:
Fall asleep exhausted after a jam-packed day to their new fish nightlight.

Yes, turning 5 was a great day for Mr. Landon Dean!

Here’s some of the proof:

bday1 bday2



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