Kids Say: My papa is my papa.

The other day, we were talking about extended relatives.  Landon has two grandmas but he wasn’t counting them as grandmas because he doesn’t call them “grandma”. He was only counting his great grandma Bradbury because she has a “grandma” in her name. He was doing the same with his grandpas. So we explained that even though Grandpop and Papa don’t have “grandpa” in their name they are still his grandpas.

Mom: “You call your grandmas “Grammy” and “Gigi” and then you have one great grandma – “Great grandma Bradbury”.
Landon: “I know… I call my grandma Grammy and my other grandma Gigi.”
Mom: “Yep, you’re getting it!”
Landon (with excitement in his voice because he understands the family tree):  “And I call my Papa, Papa!”

And we’re back at square one!


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