The not storyteller.

Lately, the kids have started getting into story time at bed.  I know part of it is to prolong the inevitable lights out-tuck in, but I love seeing them use their own creativity to create their own stories.  At night we take turns.

Since Brooks is really into dinosaurs and cars they often pepper his tales.  Landon loves to look around the room and whatever his eyes come across, he incorporates into the story.

Mom, on the other hand struggles in this area.  I don’t know why I cannot make up a story to save my life. I can usually get a pretty good start, but then it goes sideways. Either there won’t be a middle.  There is no point to the story it’s just some sentences.  Or it gets inappropriate (I must get this from my dad who told us stories of Hatchet-men in our closets – yes we were often terrified at bedtime!) like the time it somehow went from a surprise birthday party story to the kid got lost in woods and couldn’t find his way home. Didn’t even realize it until the questions at the end when Landon asked things like, “was it dark and scary in the woods?” “Were there bears and wolves in there?” “Why didn’t his mom and dad come find him?” Yep, excellent parenting there!

Lately, I’ve been trying to let them do more of the story telling so that (a) they practice using their imagination to come up with their own inventive stories and (b) so I don’t have to try my hand at it – causing potential nightmares or boredom because they are too scary or too boring!

And when it’s mom’s turn again, I’ll just stick to tried and true favorites like Three Little Pigs!



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