Let the party planning begin!

It’s officially official.

Plans are in progress for the kids birthday parties.  Since it’s an odd year, we are doing a big birthday celebration – Landon to celebrate turning 5 and Brooks turning 3.  Since my sisters kids have birthdays at the same time, we’re doing another joint bday party. Similar to Landon and Harleigh’s Dr. Suess Party and their 1st birthday. And Brooks and Lawson’s Farm Party.

We’re going to double/double this party. That means a morning party for Brooks and Lawson and an afternoon party with Landon and Harleigh.

It will be busy. It will be adorable.  And a sneak peak of our theme:


Let the party planning commence! 🙂




    1. Since we only have one day of parties, my sister and I will do all the planning ourselves – check out pinterest and other ideas. In the past, we’ve source some outside help for some of the decorations and other things, so we may use etsy and some of the sites for creative party ideas. I think the planning is a lot of fun 🙂

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