Less Phone, More Life

Since the great phone break of 2015, I’ve been doing less phone.  This means I’ve been checking my work email less afterhours, I’ve cut back on any Facebook updates, taken less pictures of my kids ‘doing stuff’ and more time spent just watching them do stuff. Really taking it in instead of working about the angle of the camera.

It’s been nice to take things slower with my technology time. The one week break (as a result of my phone smashing) really forced me to not rely on it as much and I enjoyed it. So much so, that I’ve spent much less time on my phone since I got my new one.

I’m not sure how long it will last, but for now, it’s great.

Even though technology seems to be pushed on us more and more, it’s good to take stock of how much I’m using it and to cut back when I need to.  (It’s also why I took a week off of blogging.  Yay for a blog vacation!)


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