My kids make my husband better.

We often talk about terms of time in BC (Before Christ) and AD (anno domini) but I like to refer to our life as BK and AK (before kids and after kids).  And there are definitely some big changes that took place AK for my kids – most of them for the better. Especially when it comes to my husband.

BK – More uptight and serious.  Not into dance parties (unless copious amounts of alcohol have been consumed).
AK – More laid back and not QUITE as serious.  Often found dancing with his boys and rolling on the floor. Yes, he has some serious moves!

BK – Not into sharing meals and foods.
AK – Often found sharing an ice cream cone with his son.  Not crazy to see him finish a half eaten chicken nugget from his sons plate.

BK – More into tv and news after work.
AK – Prefers playing outside with his boys – baseball anyone?!

Yes, I love so many of his AK adjustments!  Before Kids, I always thought he would be a good dad.  After Kids, I am even more blown away at who he is.

He is patient, encouraging, a snuggler, caring and fun.  He is always game for anything fun with the kids – whether it be airplane watching, running across town for a holiday event or just taking the time to spend the day in the backyard with some balls and trucks.

I love that they’ve softened him a little more. I love that his heart has grown bigger. And I love that he is such a great role model to our boys – every day they see what a great dad and man looks like.


(A dad and his boys. Easter weekend 2015 – airplane watching)


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