20 things you don’t know about me (Part 1)

…or maybe you did. Just depends on how tight we are! 😉

1. I wish I was about 2-3 inches taller than I am. That would make me the same height as my husband, so I guess I wish he was also 2-3 inches taller.

2. I used to be really good at (playing along with) Wheel of Fortune. I’ve gotten rusty the past few years but I think if I started watching again, I’d get good quickly.

3. I have thought about getting laser eye surgery, but I hate the idea of being able to see clearly at night.  I’d much rather have contacts and be able to take them out so I have fuzzy vision because I think that helps me fall asleep faster

4. I really loved cinnamon-flavored Extra gum but I never see it in stores anymore. Extra is the best gum because it has the longest flavor.

5. I love swimming in pools and not lakes or oceans. I prefer when I can see the bottom and there aren’t animals underfoot.

6. I have to sleep with white noise. Even if we fly somewhere on vacation, I pack a large fan in my suitcase. I was never this way until my freshman year of college when my roomie (turned BFF) turned me onto fan sleeping.

7. I am a lightweight when it comes to taking medication. I have small dose melatonin that I take occasionally at night and I still bite it into thirds or fourths when I take it.

8. I played the clarinet from elementary school through middle school.  By middle school I hated it but since I made my parents buy the instrument, they made me play until then.

9. I am not a pet lover. If my kids want an animal one day, I’m pretty sure that I’d only be ok with a goldfish.

10.  I love sriracha sauce and eat it on eggs at least 5 mornings a week.

(Part 2 tomorrow)


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