My Fitbit and I are now ‘just friends’

Last year I was in a serious relationship with my Fitbit: (If you don’t follow technology, a Fitbit is a fitness tracker that calculates distance, steps, etc each day and allows you to see your fitness progress over time.)


I loved my Fitbit and each day, I couldn’t wait until I felt the signature Fitbit vibration on my wrist for hitting my 10,000 steps.  There were several days where I would pace around my room trying to get the last 700 steps to hit my 10k.  For a while, I used it at night to track my sleep, regularly checking my app to see how hard I was sleeping at night.

After the holidays this year, I started slacking.  The “10k” no longer made me crazy if I didn’t hit it.  I was someone unaffected by hitting goals – or not hitting them. I didn’t die if all my goal metric bars weren’t bright green – denoting that I surpassed my step goal:


And some weeks I forgot to sync my wristband to my app so my weekly report would be crazy off. And I didn’t care.  Something that used to drive me crazy last year.  I don’t know if it was my hibernation mode of winter or what, but I’ve lost some of my FitBit love.

Yes, I still wear my wristband every day, but I don’t check it as much. There have even been several times where it’s 9pm and I see that I have 8,200 steps or 9,400 steps and instead of worrying about rushing to get the last steps in to hit 10,000, I’ll just head to bed!

I’m ok that we’re just friends now. It’s been a great tool for me to track stuff, but I also don’t like when I feel obsessive about something. And although I’ll probably get more mileage in with the longer days and warmer weather, I think my current level of reliance on my wristband is a perfect balance.

Anyone else out there end up pacing your room just to feel the victory buzz?  Or get mad if you forgot to put it on in the morning and “wasted” those first hours of steps by not having it on?



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