The adventures of Mason Blean.

My kids love storytelling.  They love when we read books, when mom and dad make up stories, and when they get to make up their own stories.  It is hard to make up original stories.  I know I’ve mentioned the challenge I have with coming up with good story material for my kids.  I guess my husband is the same way.

He’s recently started sharing the adventures of Mason Blean with our kids. They go something like this…  (names/details changed to protect the innocent – or because mommy can’t remember them.)

“When Mason was in his 12’s Little League season, he had to face the Sykesville Rippers.  He went up to bat against Joe Pozer and Joe was throwing some heat. Joe was one of the best pitchers in the league.  He tried to hit Mason on the inside of the plate, but Mason took that low inside pitch and knocked it over the right field wall. It was a base clearing home run… and that was just the second inning.”

In the fifth inning Joe was still pitching.  He knew Mason had no trouble with that inside heat so he mixed it up with some sliders, hoping to catch Mason off guard.  But Mason took that pitch and knocked it over the left field fence.  Another home run!!”

And I’ll give you one guess as to who the real Mason Blean is (hmm… does that rhyme with “Jason Dean”)?

Dean (aka Mason) is a good daddy!


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