Recipe: Caprese Quinoa with Fried Ham

Caprese is such a spring/summer dish for me.  Especially when you have fresh tomatoes and basil in your garden.  We just planted our garden in the past week, so no tomatoes yet but we do have fresh cilantro and basil.

We had some leftover ham from Easter and decided that would be a great pairing to a light quinoa salad.

Recipe: Caprese Quinoa

Chicken broth (or water and bullion cubes)
Grape tomatoes
Olive Garden Italian salad dressing

I didn’t add measurements because I only measured the quinoa and chicken broth (according to package directions).  After it cooked, I stirred in grape tomatoes, some crumbled feta and chopped basil.  Then I added some Olive Garden salad dressing to finish it off.

When the quinoa was cooking, I took some leftover ham slices and pan fried them up. (I didn’t use any oil or anything, just cooked them right in the skilled until it got a little crispy on both sides.)

Served the ham on top of the quinoa and it was a great cold salad/hot meat spring dish.

Caprese QUinoa Ham


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