I am so thankful that my husband is more than a husband, but also a great daddy.  I had to head out of town for work this week (something I never do) and leave Dean to run the house while I was away.  Of course I knew he could do it – I know some dads can’t handle it, but he already does it all.

And the best part was he didn’t give me any grief about it.  I didn’t get a snide remark or comment on my time away – just complete support – checking in in the evenings and giving me peace of mind for things going well at home.

I know it’s been a busy couple of weeks.  Party prep for the kids big day last weekend, my travels the first half of the week, plus some other evening commitments and another planned party for this Sat have my calendar booked solid.  Two full weeks of busy!

If you’ve ever read Lysa TerKerst’s book The Best Yes – you’ll know that I haven’t been doing a good job managing my BEST YES lately.  Luckily, after this week, things will really calm down – it was just a two week blur to work though.  But I am so thankful for the husband who supports me in the midst of the blur. I am thankful that he doesn’t add any guilt – because like so many other moms, I already feel guilty enough for missing out on things – whether it’s time with the kids or not enough date time with my husband or not keeping a tidy house.  There is always something to worry about.  But through it all, my husband is a rock.

Whether it’s a weekend of activities, several months of bible study each week or having extras to do for work, he is so supportive.  And when things get too hectic, he reminds me that we just need to scale back for a while – pass out some “no thank yous!”  He gives me the support I need and the encouragement to be a great wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, and more.  I am thankful that he is steady and supportive – even when my world… our world… gets a bit chaotic.


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