A Mothers Day Kick in the Pants

I had a very relaxing Mother’s Day.  A low key day was needed. We’ve been full blast around here lately with the kids birthday party – which was rescheduled so we kinda prepared for it twice, then a lot at work and a lot with kids extracurriculars lately.  A day of nothing on the agenda was what I asked for and it was great.

The day started with my little boys (and big boy 😉 ) making waffles for breakfast, then I got to go on a run (big deal if you knew how long it’s been since I’ve exercised!) and finally it was time for gifts.  The sweet homemade gifts that my kiddos bring home each year from school.

Brooksie went first and gave me a sweet potholder, which is actually perfect because if you saw my blog earlier in the week, you know how much he loves helping me in the kitchen and that includes him trying on all of my potholders!  Now I have my own personalized Brooksie one!


Landon was next to give his gift.  It was a purse shaped personalized story about all the things he loves about his mom:


When I got to the first page, I got a little teary-eyed.  And not in a good way. In an, “OUCH – this is what he thinks” way.


Wow – my favorite places to be are at work and working on my phone.  Ouch! I mean it’s great that he sees that I enjoy what I do and where I work, but I want answers like – “my mom likes to tickle me to death” or “read me bible stories in crazy voices” or “watching me hit home runs in the backyard”.  I wanted the great ‘you’re a present/engaged mom’ answer and not that he sees me as someone who can’t turn off their work.  It also was a reminder to me that when he sees me on my phone – whether it’s texting a friend or family, coordinating a birthday event or just playing solitaire, he perceives that time as mom working and I need to a better job of being present.  Funny thing is I thought, I’d been doing a better job of being phone-free over the past few months, but I need to make sure that I work even harder at it.

Page two definitely got better:


Yes, all true statements.  And I love all these things with my firstborn too. Note that two of the three answers revolve around food – yep, he’s his mother’s son! 🙂

Landon’s honest answers really got me thinking about how my kids see me. I want them to see me as more than the answers that were on his paper.  I want them to see the best mom who loves being with them and engaged with them instead of always trying to get the next thing done and off the list.

I am so thankful for these boys and the fun they add to my life. I love that I get to be their mom.  And I am eternally grateful for another day to work at being an even better mom.

Muffins with Mom at school.

mom day2

Family pic after church on Mother’s Day weekend.

mom day1



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