Flashback… Photoshoots.

Most of you know that my sister and I ended up preggers with our firstborns at the same time (unplanned!). In fact, while our due dates were three weeks apart – mine in mid-Feb, hers in early March, Heidi ended up having Harleigh just 3 days before I had Landon.  Crazy how that works out – cousins three days apart in the same hospital at the same time.

Their first picture together was when Landon was just hours old – through the nursery window.

We took a TON of pictures of our first babies. Since we had them at the same time, we spent many of our maternity leave days together. With connecting neighborhoods, we’d meet up for walks or just hang out while the babies did what they did best  – sleeeeeeep!

I was recently going through old pictures and laughed at our “first baby-isms”.  One being how many staged photoshoots we put our kids through.

Here’s just one example:


Yes – all four of these pictures were taken in the same afternoon. We did outfit changes, background/setting changes, props, the works, etc.  Hilarious I tell you.

I think any mom would tell you that by the time the second one rolls around, there’s no time for regular 4 outfit photoshoots. You’re lucky to just get both kids looking at the camera and in clean clothes!

I semi-realized it at the time, but definitely realize now what a unique experience Heidi and I got to share. Not many sisters get to go through their first pregnancy together (let alone both pregnancies – yes our second kids were born only 6 weeks apart! Also not planned!), who lived less than a mile apart in connected neighborhoods, who got to share tears/struggles/accomplishments/milestones that come with being a first time parent.  I guess because we’ve always done so many of the same things – same college, same sports team, same degrees, regularly roommates, etc, that it just seemed normal to have another thing to do together.

So a cheers to these sweet babies who made us moms and a great little walk down memory lane – 5 years later.


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