Jason Deanisms

For my husbands big birthday – yes, he’s the big 3-8 today – I thought it would only be appropriate to share a couple lesser known facts about my better half.  And yes, if you’re wondering, he is the better half in our marriage. He’s the patient one. The first to forgive. The steady rock. He’s the go-with-the-flow personality. And the one who will drop anything to take care of me, the kids, family, etc.  Yes, I caught one of the best!

1. His calendar is jam packed with sports team schedules.  If you were to open up any month, it will be filled to the brim with color-coded time slots for the Orioles, Ravens, Maryland (the University) games, golf events, Nascar events, etc.

2. Me leaving extremely long voice messages is one of my husbands biggest pet peeves. Sometimes when I’m leaving a message for someone else, I’ll wrap up and say, “call me back when you get this” and he’ll start laughing because he realizes the last three minutes he heard me talking, no one was on the other line.

3. While he is super athletic, he has terrible knees and can’t run anymore.  It’s still sweet to see him half-chase the boys around the yard though!

4. He drinks coffee every day.  When we first met he never drank coffee, but he’s since been converted.  (Not by me, I hate the stuff!)

5. He always has his cell phone with him.  While I’ve been known to leave mine at home or leave it on the charger all day, he always has his and rarely misses my call.

6. Dean doesn’t wear his wedding ring at night or in the shower.  (I don’t either. Something about having any sort of jewelry on in bed drives me crazy.)

7. Dean’s current favorite food snack is wasabi flavored almonds.  Spicy!

8. He always drives when the two of us are in the car.  I’d say that since we’ve known each other, I’ve driven less than 3% of the time we ride together.  Even on road trips, he always drives the whole way.  (I offer to switch but I don’t fight him for it.)

9. His favorite kind of donut is either apple filled, or blueberry cake.

10.  He’s pretty handy around the house. If he doesn’t know how to fix it, he’ll YouTube it and then try to figure it out.

Happy birthday to my favorite Esposo! Life with you keeps getting better and better.  I love you, P!


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