In all things…

When we went through Battlefield of the Mind with my womens bible study recently, I tried to spend some extra time memorizing some of the great scriptures she had interspersed through the book.  I’d star them and put them into a document so I could practice memorizing them. And I learned several great ones, including… And we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.  Romans 8:28

This verse gives me peace and frustrates me.

I’ve had several situations in the past few months where having this at the forefront of my mind brought a sense of contentment and peace.  Dean’s job situation and trusting God to work that out as He needed to.  A friend going through cancer treatment and getting a good report.  And it wasn’t always in times where the outcome was good.  There was the time we had to make a Plan B when Plan A fell thru.  And even times when something fell through financially and we trusted that God would work it all out in the end.

But in the last two weeks, I’ve really been frustrated with this verse in relation to the parents I mentioned earlier this week who just lost their two children. I keep hearing prayers for the family where people say that God works all things for good.  And it’s hard for this verse to give me peace in a situation like this.

I think of myself in their shoes, if it were my own two little boys and if people told me that God was going to work this situation out for something good, I would just be mad, angry, etc.  Because the only good I can think of in a situation like this is for my kids to still be here with me.  People might say, well, you are going to have X, Y, and Z happen as a result of this.  Examples could include:  You’ll be a loved author who writes a bestseller sharing your story and letting people hear about Jesus through it or you’ll go out and do long-term missions internationally and bring hundreds of people to Christ, or whatever good thing/God thing you can think of.

But all I can think is, why aren’t my boys here to share these milestones with me?!  Why did my family loss have to be the impetus for people finding Christ, why couldn’t they just be saved because they went to church or a friend shared the gospel. Why this way?

I know that as a believer, my #1 purpose on earth is to tell people about Jesus.  But I’m still having a hard time wrapping my head around the way I’d accept that God is going to work a loss that huge for good.

Anyways, just something I’ve been thinking about this week.  Trying to remember that God says He works all things for good.


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