Recipe: Mediterranean Tilapia

My dad made a delicious tilapia dish with lots of fresh flavors that tasted right from the Mediterranean coast.  I decided to copycat it and make my own version.  And it was so different from anything else I make and turned out great.  Clean plate rangers around the table!

Med Tilap

Mediterranean Tilapia

2 tbsp. oil – olive or coconut oil is what I usually cook with
5 filets tilapia
1 large tbsp. chopped garlic
1 large can diced tomato (20 oz??)
1 cube chicken bullion
3 large handfuls fresh spinach
1/3 small onion – chopped
8 pickled okra – sliced
1/4 c green olives
small bunch fresh cilantro – rough chop
blue cheese (if I had feta on hand I would have used that but you work with what you got!)

Cook the tilapia in a large oiled skillet about 3 mins each side until nearly cooked through. Be sure to season fish with S&P during cooking.  Add garlic halfway through cooking second side. After a minute or two of toasting the garlic, add a large can diced tomato, bullion and heat for a couple mins, then toss in remaining items – spinach, okra, olives and cilantro.  Cook for a few more mins until heated throughout.  Serve on a bed of rice and top with sprinkled cheese.

Great spring dish because it’s a very light meal – and tastes fresh with the spinach and cilantro.



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