Kids Say: From the minds of my boys

I love hearing some of the things that come out of my kids minds:

“Mom, don’t go on this road, this is the long-cut!”  (says Brooks as I drive down a new road in our part of town – this was a new shortcut but he wasn’t convinced.)

“Go downstairs and tell dad that I said something funny.”  (Landon during tuck in as I laughed at his interpretation of a good wife.)

“This looks like a family.”  (Brooks’ favorite saying.  When the 4 of us are snuggled in mom and dads bed hiding under the covers. When we’re all around the table eating dessert.  When we are reading bedtime books in Landon’s room.)

“You know what mom, you can’t spill this out. You have to be careful.  Only spill it into your mouth.” (Brooks giving advice for properly drinking out of a cup after one too many spills on when he’s messing around with his cups.)


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