A sweet brother moment.

My kids have both gone through spurts where they are scared of the dark or thunderstorms or (fill in the blank).  Landon had an especially hard time with thunderstorms and still sometimes creeps in and snuggles between Dean and I when there’s a bad one that wakes him up at night.

Recently, Brooks said he didn’t want to go up to the playroom by himself because he was scared – yes, it was early evening but the hall/stair lights were on.  After a little prodding, he started trudging up the stairs by himself.  Landon rushed over to Brooks slowly heading up the stairs, grabbed his hand and said, “Brooks, when you are scared you just need to say, ‘when I am afraid, I will trust in God.’ and then you won’t be so scared.”

It was such a sweet brother moment to see Landon show compassion to his brother and encourage him with the perfect verse.

While these brothers go through occasional fights, there are many more times of encouragement, sharing and love and I am so grateful for these two precious boys and their relationship with each other.


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