They get it from their Papa

Their entrepreneurial spirit, that is.

For Fathers Day, my sister and I decided to give our hubbies a morning of quiet freedom and we set the kids up with their very first lemonade stand.


And before you go all “perfect mom” on me, I’ll be transparent to say the fun lasted for about 20 minutes.  And my sister and I spent 90 minutes prepping lemonade, baking cookies, setting up the table, making the sign – yes there was some kid help at various points, but we all know that kids get bored quick and they tended to run off and play while the mommies got it prepared.

Then the kids came out and worked their booth.


Of course, there were some disheartening moments when the cars would pass without stopping.
“Maybe they don’t have money and are going home to get it.”
“Maybe they are running late to lunch and don’t have time to stop.”
“Maybe they are coming on their way back home.”

And if we’re being honest, here’s what they were really doing about 80% of the time we were out there:
lemon3Playing, bike riding, golfing, blowing bubbles, wagon rides, etc. So the mommies had to man the stand most of the time 😉

And one of the cutest things was when the kids would get paid, Lawson kept taking money out of the jar and giving it back to the customers.  A quarter would go in and he’d try to give a dollar back – essentially trying to hand all the profits away!

We made one last push when Heidi started a little dance party and the sign turned into the dance floor.
lemon4All in all, a fun morning for the kids and an exhausting morning for the mommas! But they made about $35 (not bad when your product is only $.50 and $.25). No COGS were included in this profit 😉

All in all, a great first entrepreneurial event!


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