Never got around to it week.

This week is going to be “never got around to it” week.  A culmination of posts and pictures that I just never posted.  Random things. Or things that I kinda posted on, but not all of it. This week is mostly shaped by the pictures I downloaded this week from my camera.  A whole half a year full of them.  And I decided that I’d take a week to post some of my favorites.

So here goes.  The official NGATI week starts now.  (It’s like Shark Week, but awesomer!)

I’m starting with these pics of my kids on their birthday. Because I love them. How cute of Brooks and his candles. Just waiting to blow them out.


And then an adorable faced three year old in full on blow mode, with his brother helping on the side!


And then this one, of four of the cuzies hanging out.  Huge grins plastered across their faces because they know they’re about to get a big honking piece of cake. Pure anticipation.


So if you don’t like seeing tons of pics of my kids or taking a stroll down memory lane with some of my favorite moments from this year, then NGATI week is not for you 😉



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