NGATI: Carnival Birthday Party

I know, I know. I hyped up carnival birthday party and then I left you hanging.  Candidly, after all the busyness leading up to carnival party and then the party itself, I just couldn’t bring myself to download all the pics and sort through them – and there were a ton of them.  So many that I’m going to make this a two part post – one post of the fun and then one post of the details. Because other people may want to copy some of the ideas for their own party.

Today, I’ll show you how the party went down. Some of the details and activities we had for the day.  (This was a pretty simple party to pull off since we used this theme for our parents surprise 50th birthday a few years ago – we just modified a bunch of activities to make them kid friendly.  We knew it was unlikely to have success at a football throw and ring toss!) And tomorrow, I’ll share some of the cuteness that celebrated it!

Step right up and come in to the carnival.

Picture yourself as a trapeze queen or the strongest man in the world.


An angle of the yard with the games in the back and the bouncehouse front and center.

The complete spread of carnival eats.

including “popcorn” cupcakes.
The popcorn was made out of cut marshmallows.

All set up on the stand so kids could pick their flavor.  (PS Sams is a great choice for inexpensive cupcakes and you can request colored icing if you order in advance!)

We didn’t serve JUST sugary treats…


we had ‘striped’ fruit skewers of strawberries and bananas,

hot dogs and veggie cups.
And what is a carnival without some carnival games! We set up a punch a hole (super easy to make)
And we had prize pong, which is basically kid-friendly beer pong. Whatever color their ball lands on they pick a coordinating prize!


And all carnivals offer tattoos, so we found some cute coordinating ones on Oriental Trading.


We just pinned them individually onto foam board so that kids could see the options and pick one out!


And of course, a little “thanks for coming” treat of animal crackers and a tattoo for at home.

Tomorrow, we’ll have the action shots 🙂 It really was a fun event and the cotton candy and popcorn machines were a huge hit!



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