NGATI: Carnival Party – Part 2 – the Action!

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so this post is the equivalent of a set of encyclopedias – if you even remember what those are.  Encyclo-what?!!? just google it! 🙂

Yesterday I shared many of the party details and set up.  Today, I’m bringing the party shots in action!

My sister and I did a combo birthday for both our 3 year olds and 5 year olds since all 4 of them have birthdays within 6 weeks of each other (and three of them are within 3-4 days of each other – depending on if it’s a Leap Year!).  So we love to throw big combo parties since they are in the same classes and have a lot of the same friends. We figure go big and do it up once instead of over and over and over.

Here are the birthday kiddos in all their glory. My Brooks on top and Heidi’s Lawson on the bottom. Followed by Trapeze Queen Harleigh and Strongest-Man Landon!

party 18 party17
And here are the party-planner extraordinaires!


The fearsome foursome in their party shirts. Bday Hunk, Bday Dude, Bday Babe and Cake King. I’m sure you’re wondering why the last one doesn’t start with Bday… we’ll let’s just say that we had iron-on incidents with multiple shirts!

party16 party15


Heidi’s hubby manning the popcorn machine!


My mother in law was Operator, President and CEO of the tattoo parlor and did a great job!


There was some eating…


and their other cousin Isla getting ready to manhandle the bounce house…


while Brooks showed off his new foot tat!

Aunt Heidi showed off her cotton candy making skills with tons of fluffy treats.





Then it was time for the cupcakes! I caught Brooks trying to sneak a quick taste before we sang 🙂




And we loved Grammy coming to be part of the fun!


It was really an all day affair. We ran one party from 10-12 and the other from 1-3 so the little kids were on sugar overload by the end of the day!  But the whole fam had a great time and their friends had a blast too!


Papa, (Uncle) Zak and Dean, putting out the vibe in the shade!


And since we had plenty of time on the rental, we did some family bouncing after the guests left.  It was too fun. I’m thinking of renting one of these puppies for an adult party!


The party planners.




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