NGATI: Easter with Brody

This past Easter, Dean’s brother and nephew came down for their first visit.  Dean’s brother came down several years ago when Landon had his baptism, but they hadn’t come down since Brody (our nephew) was born.  Brody is about 5 months after Brooks, so they are super close in age and the boys have so much fun together.

(Next time Ally and Aunt Jeanelle will have to join with them!)

We did about 4 egg hunts while they were here and the kids loved the treats, but mostly, they just loved being boys. Playing in the playroom with the trucks, watching planes, trying out the swingset and spending time outside.

Don’t you love Brody’s shirt?! Perfect for the occasion. And then you see his tipped over basket in the back. No, I don’t need no stinkin’ Easter eggs. I’m the egg hunt champ!


Just stretching and getting ready for the action at their school egg hunt!


I love this picture of Deans mom with her two boys – I picture it as a slow mo walk you see in movies. Good background music. Yep, we’re just making our way to the egg hunt – and we mean business.


Some sweet individual shots of the boys during their various hunts.  It was a plastic egg filled weekend, what can I say?!








Three sweet boy cousins in their matching rain jackets from Grammy! And their true personalities shining through.




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