Baby You’re A Firework.

We tend to keep our 4th low-key. We don’t really do the hustle and bustle of the uptown fireworks or try to find a big event to attend.  We haven’t done the lake and often even skip the pool (because it tends to be overly packed).  This year, we went to my brother and SIL’s to have a good ole campfire with marshmallows, sparklers for the kids and the men set off some small fireworks.  And it was perfect. We didn’t have to go far or fight traffic. We got to hang out with those we love the most in an intimate environment and the kids had a blast!

We even did a practice run of sparklers a couple months ago with some neighbor friends so the kids would be well prepared for 7-4-15.

sparkler2 sparkler1

What –  running with sparklers is bad parenting!?

sparkler4 sparkler5

So Landon and Brooks were both ready for the big day.

spark6 spark7

Of course there was plenty of time to mug with their cousin!

spark8 spark9 spark10

Then the crazy trio sat down while Papa started the show.




At “intermission” Gigi led a sparkler parade around the yard.

spark14 spark15 spark16

And we capped off the night with sweet, sticky treats from the firepit. It was a great 4th!


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