Preschool Graduation

Yes, I’m the mom who gets teary eyed at all her kids events.  I can’t help it. It’s adorable.  But even more so, it’s a reminder of how quickly this journey is going. A reminder that they are only my boys for a limited amount of time and I have to work with what God’s given me.  It’s also a reminder of how far we’ve already come. From the mom who had no clue about baby anything heading home from the hospital to a mom who now has no clue how to teach sightwords and reading!

At the boys school they do a sweet graduation program at the end of the year with a bunch of the classes participating.  Brooks class was also part of the entertainment.

He was really into the song at the beginning, with the hand motions and routines:



And the slowly fell off the wagon and began ad libbing his own Magic Mike-esque moves on stage.


And he was too busy checking out his props to actually use them!


All in all, a great three year old performance! Our boy sure does bring spice and life into anything he does! 🙂

Then the Pre-K class hit the stage to get their diplomas and sing some songs.  Before they got in there, the kids did notes to their family.  Of course, Landon showed his true Bradbury DNA with lots of food items:


The Pomp and Circumstance got me teary eyed. I totally envision this to be exactly what Landon looks like 13 years from now at his high school graduation. A little devious smile. A sweet grin.  This will probably go in his senior year graduation ad!


They did superlatives for the class and Landon is expected to be a success.  I concur! That little boy is driven and I hope he continues to love learning and trying to do new things as he grows.


And finally, some pics on stage and with his BFFs (P.S. the girl in the picture – besides his cousin Harleigh – is a high school friend of my sister and I’s growing up. So cool that our kids are also growing up together!)

grad7 grad8



My sister and I with our graduates. By this point they were all pictured out.




Yes, he seems delighted with himself!  Or just really ready to finish with the picture taking and get to the class party!


Landon, while Pre-K graduation isn’t a huge milestone, the true milestone are all the life lessons you’ve already picked up on in your short 5 years. You’ve learned patience with friends. And how to show grace to other kids who may not deserve it. You’ve learned to respect your teachers and others in authority. And worked on showing other kids respect and asking for forgiveness when you needed to.

So no, cutting paper and reciting your alphabet wasn’t what this graduation was really about. I think it was more to show us you’re ready for school – to make new friends and to be a friend to others. We are so proud of how you’ve grown and cannot believe that you’ll be in kindergarten in just one month. What a blessing this ride has been so far, and I’m sure even more excitement is to come!




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