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I posted last week some of the details (here and here) from our Carnival themed party for the kiddos.  Two of the things activities for the kids were games: Prize Pong and Punch a Hole.  Today, I’ll share a quick behind the scenes of how these came together.

Punch A Hole:


Here’s how it was made:

1. Used some scrap plywood that came with a recent furniture purchase.  It worked well.
2. Spray painted with some leftover teal paint which worked with our teal, red, yellow color palette.
3. Used monkey glue to attach some spaced out dollar store paper cups.
4. Made a quick sign on the computer, mounted it on fun paper and attached to the plywood with wood glue. Also filled the cups with small, light (don’t get heavy prizes! this game isn’t that sturdy!) dollar store trinkets. When I was at the dollar store I kinda tested in the store to make sure my prize would fit in the cups before I bought them.
5. Cut squares out of tissue paper that are slightly larger than the cup diameter.  Attach with rubber bands.  (This was key for us because we needed to be able to reset the game in between parties so that it looked great and was easily refilled. We didn’t want Party #2 friends to see a completely busted up game!)
We just set it up on a chair outside so that it was easy for the kids to reach.  They each got to punch out a cup and take the prize!



Prize Pong:

party31 party33

We set up this game on a folding table and it was played similar to Beer Pong.  Kids stood a couple feet from the table and threw the ping pong ball into the water filled cups. Whichever color cup they landed in, they got a corresponding prize from the other side of the table. We had orange paper, green paper and blue paper with prizes. Prizes went up in value so orange were least valuable to the green which were most valuable since there were less green cups than orange. (Who’s kidding though, they were all dollar store items, so some were just 25 cents while green prizes might be a full dollar! Big spenders, I know!)

They were super easy to set up. I just took craft paint in three colors and painted the outside bottoms of the cups. I didn’t paint the inside because I didn’t want the water to wash away the color.

Prize Pong 1

And as I mentioned before, we made the most orange colored, some blue colored and just a few green so that we could make value of the prizes also tier.

Prize Pong 2

Super easy and fun. For the little kids party – 3 year olds – they were VERY close to the table when shooting – i.e. 1 foot away!  The big kids – 5 year olds – were a few steps back.  They loved being able to pick a prize and especially if they got the green cup!



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