I’ve taught him…

Yesterday, I shared a few of the ways my husband has shaped me over the past several years. Ways I WANT to be better because of the example he sets for me.

I like to think this is a two-way street and we are both inspiring good in each other.

Here are some of the ways I think I’ve influenced him:
1.) Trying new things.  Whether it’s traveling to new places, spending the day trying a new activity or even making new foods he’s never eaten.  I love to try new things and over the years I’ve slowly opened him up to enjoying new experiences. I love when he surprises me by being on board with trying something exciting and I don’t have to do my salespitch on him 😉

2.) It’s ok to look a little crazy in public.  My husband is very even-tempered – especially in public. I have no problem cartwheeling down the aisle of Target but he’s anti-gymnastics-in-stores.  But I will say that over the years, he’s come to be more ok with looking a little crazy in public.  I think this one really might be a combo of both me and the kids, because let’s be honest – trying to wrangle two kids in the toy section during a missed nap can get a little crazy and I guess you just learn to go with it!

3.) Fiscally conservative. I know that Dean has pushed me to splurge at times when I didn’t necessarily want to, and I’ll say that I’ve definitely tightened Dean’s wallet over the years.  I think he knows what to expect when it comes to extra expenditures and he knows I’ll ask “do we really need this?” or “we could use this money for _____ instead.” He’s definitely cut back on asking me for lots of expensive things because he knows that I think it’s really wasteful.  But he’ll be thanking me when we retire with our bazillions in the bank and he is playing lots of golf instead of bagging groceries at age 65+ to make ends meet 😉

I’m so thankful to be in a marriage where we are constantly wanting to be better – for each other, for our kids and for ourselves.  I appreciate all the ways my husband quietly molds me into a better person and hopefully he appreciates me in the same way.


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